Claire Harris

Not always in Lycra…

Claire first discovered Pilates after years of playing contact sport and working as field archaeologist left her hips and back begging for a little less tough love! She quickly appreciated the difference that Pilates made to both her everyday life and her ability to play sport.

After a serious cycling accident Claire used her home practice in Pilates to reconnect with her injured body and to ensure that her injuries did not have the impact that they might have done, reinforcing her love of Pilates and inspiring her to become a teacher. These days, alongside her Pilates practice, Claire enjoys yoga, running, climbing and getting out of the city for a long walk.

Claire believes that movement should be fun and is passionate about getting everybody moving. She enjoys creating classes that allow everyone to experience the benefits of Pilates; whether that be a gentle class or something more dynamic.

Her own love of sport means that she enjoys working with clients who wish to use Pilates to enhance their performance, whatever their level. Claire also enjoys teaching complete beginners and people who may feel apprehensive about joining a group exercise class.

Photo of @WstowPilates

Rooted in Tradition

Pilates is a body-conditioning method devised by Joseph Pilates. Pilates believed that mental and physical health were interrelated and developed his system, which he called “Contrology”, to strengthen the human mind and body.

Align, Breathe, Centre

The Pilates ABCs, Alignment, Breathing, and Centring, are the fundamental building blocks for a strong, sustainable practice. They are supported by 5 other principles: Relaxation, Concentration, Co-ordination, Stamina, Flowing Movements.

Adapted for Modern Life

Modern life takes its toll on our bodies. Long days spent sat in front of the computer and not enough time moving can leave us feeling out of balance. Pilates can help to rebalance the body through teaching good movement skills.