Pilates for Cyclists

Increasing numbers of people are taking to two wheels and, as with any lifestyle change, many people are feeling the effects in their bodies. Many of those changes are positive but there are also the niggles such as neck ache, back ache, sore wrists and saddle pain. It’s important to stop niggles turning into long term problems.

Whether you are cycling for leisure, sport or as a commuter, improving comfort and efficiency is key. The more comfortable you are on your bike the more you will enjoy your ride. The more power you can produce with less effort, the faster you can travel for longer. Pilates can help you to maintain a good position on your bike which will in turn help you to avoid wasting energy and overworking the muscles and joints.

How can pilates support your cycling?

Core stability – Pilates targets the muscles that help stabilise you on your bike. Not only will this help increase your power output but it will help you with your balance. Better balance on the bike means better handling, which means a safer ride.

Flexibility & Posture – Pilates improves flexibility and posture by stretching and strengthening muscles; a good preventative measure to avoid injury.

Alignment – Pilates teaches good limb alignment; on your bike this will improve stability and protect against potential knee or ankle injuries.

Breathing – Pilates helps connect movement with breath. Breathing well on your bike can help with alignment and strength as well as helping to prevent a build-up of lactic acid.

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